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Re: Performance Issues w/Ledgersmb 1.3.x

Setup.pl initial load (login page) doesn't hit PostgreSQL so we can

rule that part out.

Anything prior to login is basically mostly loading the relevant Perl
libs, rendering the template and sending it to the browser.

So a few notes on your test cases:
1)  There seems to be significant overhead to sending it out over the
network (adding 9 sec. to average load time)
2)  You don't see a lot of CPU time so what are your load averages?
In particular what percentage of CPU time is spent waiting for I/O
returns?  There's a lot more I/O in the cases where you are having
trouble than in the other cases.  Is something up there?

Typically I would start by watching top while you are running these
tests.  Looking at general CPU stats, plus anything going on in the
process list.  High wait times would be consistent with some sort of
I/O problem.  But something is going on....

If that failed, I would filter the process list only to those owned by

Thanks, that helps me better understand where to begin looking.  I
will follow your suggestions and see what I can find.

I found something very interesting. I created a test HTML page containing solely text called testpage.html.  I dropped this file in two locations.  One in the Apache root directory (/srv/www/htdocs/) and the other in the ledgersmb directory (/user/local/ledgersmb/).  I changed ownership of the file to wwwrun:www.  I then ran the following tests:

Test 1:


Results: Page loaded almost instantaneously.

Test 2:


Results: Page loaded in about 14 seconds

It seems to be choking on page loads for files that reside in the ledgersmb directory.  My ledgersmb-httpd.conf is located in my ledgersmb directory at /usr/local/ledgersmb.  I had added my "Include /usr/local/ledgersmb/ledgersmb-httpd.conf" to the bottom of default-server.conf.