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Re: Performance Issues w/Ledgersmb 1.3.x

> Setup.pl initial load (login page) doesn't hit PostgreSQL so we can
> rule that part out.
> Anything prior to login is basically mostly loading the relevant Perl
> libs, rendering the template and sending it to the browser.
> So a few notes on your test cases:
> 1)  There seems to be significant overhead to sending it out over the
> network (adding 9 sec. to average load time)
> 2)  You don't see a lot of CPU time so what are your load averages?
> In particular what percentage of CPU time is spent waiting for I/O
> returns?  There's a lot more I/O in the cases where you are having
> trouble than in the other cases.  Is something up there?
> Typically I would start by watching top while you are running these
> tests.  Looking at general CPU stats, plus anything going on in the
> process list.  High wait times would be consistent with some sort of
> I/O problem.  But something is going on....
> If that failed, I would filter the process list only to those owned by

Thanks, that helps me better understand where to begin looking.  I
will follow your suggestions and see what I can find.