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Re: New Development Snapshot Available for LedgerSMB

On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 1:15 AM, James McDonald
<..hidden..> wrote:
> See comments below.
> On Fri, 2011-08-05 at 08:10 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
>> The database.  Note that for database errors we log the SQL state, the
>> full SQL error message, etc.  You can pull out all db errors by
>> grepping 'Logging SQL State' from your web server logs.  Also I doubt
>> we will expose a lot of information to the user in an Access Denied
>> error but we try to make it obvious to administrators what is going
>> on.  Feedback for improving this is welcome.
> Thanks Chris My Log entry::
> [Sun Aug 07 17:11:35 2011] [error] [client] ERROR -
> Logging SQL State 42501, error 7, string ERROR:  permission denied for
> sequence file_base_id_seq, referer:

Thanks!  Will get double check permissions and get that fixed.  For
the moment try granting public all rights to that sequence while I get
that sorted out.  Filed under bug 3387887

> Changing the file_base_id_seq to allow UPDATE access for the group
> "lsmb_jmits__file_attach_tx" allowed an upload.
> Incidentally clicking Upload with empty "URL/File fields" on the Attach
> File Form throws an "Internal Server Error". I presume this error should
> be caught by some sort of validation

I am going to see what's going on.   Filed under bug 3387888
>> >
>> if you think something would make the application less confusing we
>> can at least talk about it.  Maybe we do things your way, and maybe in
>> the discussion a better way comes up.  But either way the application
>> benefits.
> It would be really good if we could have mouse over context help on
> every field in any form. (actually It would be good if the help was
> attached to the fields text label)
> Perhaps create a data dictionary table with the context help in it.
> Specify program names, field names and then have a generic help code
> that all forms call that can modify the client side code to make the
> help available for users. (mouseOver or a clickable help icon with an
> Ajax call to a popup windows).

One way or another, we need something like this.  It's been on the
feature requests section for a while and been discussed since the
project began.  The biggest issue right now has been getting the
framework to a point where it even makes sense to start on it.  I
think we are to the point where post-1.3, we can actually get started
on this in earnest.  We'd still have to figure out the technical
details however.  Once we figure that out, I think we should solicit
help from the user and developer community in getting the help details
added.  It's a huge amount of effort and if one or a small number of
people have to eat it as unpaid work it will probably not ever get
done.  OTOH, if we create a good way of making it work, the I can do
some work on this gradually and other community members can contribute

My thinking is to tie to top-level template name and input id.  What
do you think?
> ***
> Under System ==> Type of Business ==> Add Business
> When you add a business then reopen it and try and change the type of
> business field by clicking save the change doesn't stick.
> Also selecting an existing business type and then clicking the save as
> new button allows creation of a duplicate.
Bug 3387893 filed.

> ***
> AR ==> Reports ==> Outstanding
> If you run the AR Outstanding report with the defaults (Summary radio
> set) the returned list doesn't have a clickable link to enable viewing
> the sales invoice.
> If you run the AR Outstanding report with the "Detail" radio set you
> then get a clickable Invoice number and can view the Sales Invoice.

 Bug  3387902.

Thanks for your feedback :-)  Just to set expectations, today, and
possibly tomorrow, I am working on the setup and migration tools.
After this I expect bugfixes to become a priority.  I have already
fixed a few of the ones you reported last time but I have a couple of
older reports I should get to before doing a lot more work on these,
so it may be a few days before I can get to them.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers