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Re: New Development Snapshot Available for LedgerSMB

On Wed, 2011-08-03 at 19:40 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> A new Development/testing snapshot of LedgerSMB 1.3 has been released.
>  This release include fully functional file attachment capabilities
> for AR/AP/GL transactions and also for Invoices and Orders.
> It also fixes a number of bugs most particularly in the handling of
> recurring transactions as well as user management.
> The development snapshot is released as a preview of features and a
> place to test with a copy of your data, so that you can provide
> feedback to us before the release is finalized, and it has known bugs.
>  The release is not intended to be used in production unless you have
> professional assistance in doing so.  Pieces of it may not work, and
> migration scripts are not complete yet.  However you can get help
> migrating a copy of your 1.2.x database to 1.3 on the ledger-smb-users
> list.
> This snapshot brings us to the last feature (aside from installation
> and upgrade tools) that is lilkely to be added before we get into
> release candidates.  Feedback is always welcome.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers

I have tried the last couple of snap-shots. Without migrating data from
my 1.x series db.

The Add admin user interface has an Import yes / no radio button. What
does that mean?

When you add an admin user there are upwards of 50 checkboxes to
complete. Is that what is supposed to happen? What sort of UI change
will be done to allow templated choices or roles? 

Adding a customer:
There is a control code on the first screen. What is it?
When you save the first screen it jumps to an account section. What is
the Customer Number is that the same thing as the Control Code on the
first screen. What do all the account fields mean?

Why once you have added a customer doesn't the sales invoice form become
a drop down and allow selecting the customer or at least a javascript
type a-head for customer auto complete. Is ledgersmb going to use AJAX
or is it going to support text based browsers as before?

You mention file upload is working. Where is the directory that holds
the uploaded file? Or is it committed to the database? I asked because I
am getting an access denied and can't discern from the apache error.log
file where the access denied is occuring.

I added a business type and then went back into a customer and found
that the business type was now in the customer business type field
although I hadn't selected it which would mean an incorrectly assigned
value if I click save.

The javascript customer entry screen seems flaky. Clicking doesn't
always display a populated form. 

Adding an employee the address options are Sales, Billing, Shipping.
Where does one define these defaults? And how do you filter them to
display correctly depending on context?

When adding a new user/customer despite setting a default country I
still have to select the correct country.

I tried to do a cash receipt and I got an error "42P01:ERROR: relation
"employee" does not exist"

LedgerSMB as a project may benefit from:

All this is on a debian squeeze box.

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