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Re: A feature request: file attachments

On Sat, 2 Jul 2011, Hugh Esco wrote:

As I approach a point where I handle nearly all of
my transactions online these days, and spend time
on every purchase saving a pdf receipt or invoice
documenting the exchange . . .

I was thinking last night that I would love it if
(particularly AP transaction and client) objects might
be related to file uploads.  I would like to see
our pdf invoices we're paying be attached to the
AP transaction which documents its payment.

Perhaps a bank statement could be attached to a
reconciliation; a contract or customer agreement
could be attached to a customer record; an invoice

(or quotes)

to an AP transaction.  There are certainly other
uses for this.

I've heard from the folks at RT that loading a pg
database with excessive attachments leads to a
significant performance hit.  Perhaps these
attachments could be stored in the file system instead.

Does anyone else think it would be useful to drill
down through the reports in LSMB and find the
original invoices?

Most certainly.

See Chris' other message on the subject.