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User proposal: File attachments to Orders and AR/AP/GL transactions in 1.3


I am looking at an enhancement to add file attachments to AR/AP/GL
transactions.  These could then be downloaded and viewed, or saved to
disk and printed through whatever program is used to view them.  This
is a discussion to flesh out the user requirements of this

What I am currently thinking is an attachment list between the
note/subtotal portion of the AR/AP transaction, invoice, or order
screen and the buttons, and between the line items and buttons on the
GL screen.  The list would include the date attached, the file name,
and the file type.  A link to a file attachment page would be provided
if looking at an existing transaction only (in 1.3 currently we only
allow printing or emailing of existing transactions).  This would
allow a user to click on a link and attach a document to an invoice,
transaction, or order.  Clicking on a link would bring up a new window
which would display the file if the web browser was set up for it, or
download the file if not.

Additionally considering adding a checkbox to automatically attach an
invoice being emailed or printed.

The file attachment screen would prompt for input for file type and
name, and would allow the upload of the file.  If the file name is not
provided the file name of the upload would be used.

Only one file with a given name would be allowed per transaction or order.

Any thoughts?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers