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HTML Order Template Weirdness

Okay, this was tested with the same order as the last problem. I will test them both with other orders.

The following code appears in the HTML template:

      Telephone: <?lsmb tel ?>
      <br>Fax: <?lsmb fax ?>
    <th colspan=3>
      <h4>S A L E S &nbsp;&nbsp; O R D E R</h4>
other standard code up to the printing of city state and zip.

The order prints the regular table contents, including the name, and so on.

However, if I change the fax line to:

<?lsmb if fax ?><br>Fax: <?lsmb fax ?><?lsmb end fax ?>

Printing the HTML template now, gives me the Telephone line, but then skips everything, including the table elements, down to the city state zip line.

Telephone: 123-456-7890
<br>City State 12345

Does the HTML template handler have some problem with conditionals in 1.2.21?

The code right before the
<br><?lsmb city ?> <?lsmb state ?> <?lsmb zipcode ?>
line, is:

<?lsmb end address2 ?>