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Fixing 1.3

Hi Chris,

Thanks for stepping up!

> >From reading this thread, and not having looked at 1.3, it seems that some very particular issues
> are desperately needing to be fixed. These issues seem to be fairly unrelated as far as what skills
> are needed.
> Documentation - both for usage, installation AND especially for existing and desired coding.
> Without a clear idea what has been done, what is broken and preferred ways to fix code, it is very
> difficult to help.

Right. This is my handicap: I don't know the intentions nor the line
between old and new code, so I know little of the desired development

> Installation is too difficult
> Since 1.3 is really just a development phase, I think this issue can be put at a lower priority
> than documentation, but not too low.
> Coding
> This is clearly three things (more?).
> database itself and triggers, functions, etc
> Interface, what works what is ugly, etc
> Actual program perl code that works behind the scenes.
> Frankly, it seems to me that things are bad enough right now that talk of new features should be
> temporarily stopped. What is now here needs to be fixed, code that works improved,
> DOCUMENTATION is essential! and finally, fix installation issues.
> My coding and database skills have improved some since I last appeared. I have improved my own
> database, which previously included local vendor products updated by spiders, vendor information,
> customer information, to now have product assemblies. This required me to learn functions and
> triggers. I could ahve done this from my apps but that seemed wrong.
> Give me a task, I will try to fix or improve problem.

Last night, I tried all the top-level left menu-bar links. These are
the results (errors) in my setup (trunk of last weekend):

AR -> Customers -> Reports -> History [action not defined: history]
POS -> Close till [404 - requested url /ledgersmb/rc.pl not found]
AP -> Reports -> Non taxable [500 - Internal server error]
HR -> Employees -> Add employee [No error, but renders a page with
only the word "HR" on the top left corner]
Goods and services -> Reports -> All items [action= not defined]
Goods and services -> Reports -> Parts [replaces the left menu with an
error document]
Projects -> Add timecard [Invalid form]
Projects -> Reports -> Timecards [Invalid form]
SIC -> List SIC [permission denied for relation sic]
New window [does nothing??]

John, can you add to this list from your experience?

Please note that I didn't try any of the buttons or other
functionalities on the pages shown. I just tried if the first-level
pages worked.

I'd say this is a start to put in a bug-tracker. Take your pick!

> It is okay to keep sourceforge for user base, but not for developers.
> Set up a server just for current development code that we can access with simpler tools,
> git, cvs, whatever.

I agree with you with respect to the ticketing system from
sourceforge. However, I'm not used to git (not unwilling to learn),
but I do know Subversion. I doubt it's really a time to discuss moving
house like that? I mean, this could spark another bikeshed, where we
probably need firm steps (even baby steps) in the right direction with
the software, documentation, etc.

My $0.02