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Next steps toward 1.3

Hi all,

Last night, I chatted with Chris and we came to the conclusion that we
should be focusing our efforts to getting 1.3 out the door. Since
discussing which issue tracker to use and which version control system
to use are both not directly related to 1.3. As such, it seems we'll
need to use the tools we already have for the time being.

Today, I made a scan to find out what's already submitted to the project:

 * In the SF tracker, there are 54 patches which have a status 'open';
I guess these all need to be reviewed and tested; I'm thinking that
patches which contain enhancements probably need to be put in an
'enhancements' category, which more-or-less automatically makes them
post-1.3 material. The rest are hopefully fixes.
 * In the SF tracker, there are 11 bugs reported with a status 'open';
I guess these need to be addressed too, to see if they still apply.

With the bug-list in the SF tracker, we're far from complete, since I
had roughly 10 things in my mail from last week called "Fixing 1.3"
already. I'll be filing those in the tracker in order to be able to
follow progress.

John, could you do the same with your issues? I know you filed one
ticket last year to which there was no reaction. However, I must say
this weekend Chris and I were making nice progress through the issues
that I reported. If you look at
you'll find that there were 12 commits only last week for a number of
issues (and patches) that have been submitted!
Registering the outstanding issues will help getting a better picture
of what really needs to be done before 1.3 can go out the door. After
all, there was a big gap between Chris's and your opinions about the
state 1.3 is in. Combining that with Nigel's (good) point that actual
use is going to turn up further problems, we can't really see the
effort required now.

To anybody who can't or won't use the SF bug tracker: that's
completely find, but please don't let be a reason not to report your
issues here.

That makes the third step:

 * Clear out personal bug and patch lists, putting everything
centrally in the SF tracker

In the mean time, we've started updating the INSTALL file and fixing
some of the outstanding reports. Granted, I started with my own, but
even though those include the crucial ones for my business, they
include many reports outside that scope.