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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

On Thu, 19 May 2011, Chris Bennett wrote:

Installation is too difficult
Since 1.3 is really just a development phase, I think this issue can be put at a lower priority
than documentation, but not too low.

I think I disagree with that, at least somewhat, from two prospectives:

First, while 1.3 is a development phase as you say, the project is hanging its hat on it. We *need* user support for 1.3. The next major release may be five years from now, who knows.

Therefore, we need non-hard-core developers to start working with it soonest. Advanced users, partial developers. There are people in the open source community who will test stuff without documents, if they can get it up and running. I think there are fewer who will test something that is well documented, but is so broken that they can't even install it.

Second, If you can't install it, the documents, either development or user side documentation, are only partially accurate.

If the process doesn't conform to the documents, then the documents are meaningless. That's on the user side. On the developer side, for documenting internals, it will be a lot easier for people other than Chris to help with that, if it can be installed successfully and predictably.

I'd say they are close to equal, but I'd maybe put installation first.

Just my .02