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BIRT reports: request for useful SQL


we're using lsmb 1.1.12, waiting for 1.3 to upgrade.  improved and timely
reporting is a major current goal in our organization, and i'm starting to
develop reports using BIRT (in eclipse) that directly access the postgres db.

i have two requests:

1) has anyone developed any reports in BIRT for lsmb?  willing to share?
anything would be helpful to work off.  i'd be happy to offer what we come up
with back to the community.

2) does anyone have useful sql you'd be willing to share?  i'm getting pieces
from RP.pm and the like, but anything that has already been "de-perlified"
would be helpful.

the main kinds of reports we're wanting to create are:

 * quarterly/monthly income statements (and balance sheets) in side-by-side 
comparison, for 3+ years 
 * charts of above
 * cash flow statements, also potentially in comparison
 * "income" and "cash flow" statements for projects
 * "income statements" that break down by dep't rather than account
 * ability to include/exclude any combination of dep'ts from
income/balance/cash stmts

any thoughts or feedback very welcome!
be well,