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Re: BIRT reports: request for useful SQL


I had been meaning to put together a quick script to generate monthly
totals (sales, expenditure, etc.) for a while and just started looking
at coding it recently. This won't be using BIRT, but when it is done I
will contribute the results back to the list. The code will be based on
1.2.x however as that's what I am using presently.


On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 12:05:12AM -0700, brush wrote:
> we're using lsmb 1.1.12, waiting for 1.3 to upgrade.  improved and timely
> reporting is a major current goal in our organization, and i'm starting to
> develop reports using BIRT (in eclipse) that directly access the postgres db.
> i have two requests:
> 1) has anyone developed any reports in BIRT for lsmb?  willing to share?
> anything would be helpful to work off.  i'd be happy to offer what we come up
> with back to the community.
> 2) does anyone have useful sql you'd be willing to share?  i'm getting pieces
> from RP.pm and the like, but anything that has already been "de-perlified"
> would be helpful.

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