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Linking accounts

Hello all,

Thank you for creating LedgerSMB. FOSS accounting software is a very rare and,
for most people, un-sexy project. I am glad to see someone taking up the
challenge and taking LedgerSMB in a better direction than its predecessor. I
especially look forward to the stabilization of an API so I can integrate other
parts of my business with the accounting system. I have recently started using
LedgerSMB in my small business. I have a few basic beginner's questions. I have
read the LedgerSMB pdf manual which is a very good start but far from

When adding a customer how is one supposed to know what customer number to use?
Seems like it should auto-fill the field and auto-increment based on existing
customer numbers. I accidentally just created two customers with the same
customer number. Glad I caught it or it could have caused serious confusion

I do not understand how to set up the linking of accounts. Currently the only
accounts available for an AR transaction are: Sales/General, Sales/Aftermarket
parts, and Consulting. I have added accounts that better correspond with the
types of services I sell but do not see how to get them to appear in the
Account dropdown when making an AR transaction.

Not so much a question but a comment: It would be nice if it didn't use frames
and had a more ReSTful URL structure. I often, out of habit, use the
forward/back arrows and things get really confused. It is also a bit hard to
know exactly where I am in the app since the url never changes making
navigation somewhat unintuitive.


Tracy Reed

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