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Re: Linking accounts

On Sat, 30 Apr 2011, Tracy Reed wrote:

parts of my business with the accounting system. I have recently started using
LedgerSMB in my small business. I have a few basic beginner's questions. I have

Welcome, Tracy!

When adding a customer how is one supposed to know what customer number to use?
Seems like it should auto-fill the field and auto-increment based on existing
customer numbers. I accidentally just created two customers with the same
customer number. Glad I caught it or it could have caused serious confusion

It does not auto-fill *on screen*. However, it will take the next number as programmed by the customer number format set on the defaults page.

So, as long as you have something in defaults set for customer number (I think it automatically has "1" there, for standard installations, but you could check), it will place that number in the customer's record, and then increment the one in defaults, if you leave the number blank when entering the customer.

I do not understand how to set up the linking of accounts. Currently the only
accounts available for an AR transaction are: Sales/General, Sales/Aftermarket
parts, and Consulting. I have added accounts that better correspond with the
types of services I sell but do not see how to get them to appear in the
Account dropdown when making an AR transaction.

Chris already answered that, but may I suggest that you should have started with the service COA? It would have better default accounts for you to base your new accounts on, and you will be able to see the arrangement of checkboxes on accounts that are already more similar and familiar to what your business does.