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Re: An Actual Payroll Module - When?

On Sun, 2011-01-30 at 17:37 -0800, Chris Travers wrote:
> If it would be of interest, I could come up with a skeleton module
> perhaps in the next week or two based on all the past discussions on
> the issue and we could talk about what's necessary to add the
> jurisdictions your customers need. 

I would hope that would be of interest to more people than just me. As
you can see the inquiries I have gotten are from all over the USA: one
from Alaska, one from New York, two from Florida, one from Oregon. So
these are not local to me and I have no clue about the local tax
problems in these locations. In most cases they wanted a preconfigured
POS system shipped to them with remote support for setup help if
necessary. One was just looking for a general small business accounting

All those mentioned were looking for FOSS software with Payroll. The one
requirement I could not meet with LedgerSMB was Payroll. I really *want*
to promote LedgerSMB over the other solutions offered on our web page. I
did not get the business of any of these, so they are not my customers
at this point. I am thinking of the future.

A framework for Payroll where the end-user could set up a module for
local requirements would be better than nothing. Actually that would
probably be the best solution so that when changes to local tax laws
occur the end-user could reconfigure the module. Of course this would
require the end-user to either have knowledge of local Payroll
requirements or hire an accountant that does. ...

Yeah, I know, it is easy to talk about what to do when one is not the
programmer that has to do it. I'm sure you guys can come up with better
ideas. I'll just be quiet now and wait to see what develops.

Gene Alexander
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ERA Computers & Consulting, Jackson, TN USA