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An Actual Payroll Module - When?

Hi Folks,

I have had several inquiries about LedgerSMB over the past two years
from SOHO and SMB companies that have seen our web page here:


To date I have not been able to implement more than one installation.
Why? No Payroll module that does all the calculations for one. That one
installation I did was for a one person business that did not need
Payroll. Most of these people do not have any need for an accounting
application that requires them to do all the Payroll work by hand.
"Might as well use a spread sheet." was one comment I got. I am no
programmer so I cannot implement a Payroll module. But, I can donate a
small amount of money to a bounty to get it done. Does LedgerSMB have a
bounty system? If so, where do I donate and who can work on this? If
not, why no bounty system? Thanks.

Gene Alexander
ERACC Subscriptions <..hidden..>
ERA Computers & Consulting, Jackson, TN USA