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Re: Choosing which Ledger to use?

On 30/01/2011 18:45, Chris Travers wrote:
The current approach is:

1)  A more formalized object model (either Class::Simple, or Moose based)

Personally I'm not a big fan of Moose, it adds complexity and hampers portability across platforms.

2)  A re-designed db schema for financial transactions going forwards
(payments will be top-level transactions)

Sounds good, I haven't had a look at the current schema yet though.

May I suggest:
3) Use a simple established web framework for the CGI interface. Such as CGI::Application.
4) use strict;

This would promote good coding practice and hopefully get rid of all the globals.

Without these two it's hard to gain credibility for the software amongst the Perl community, I read some really rather negative posts around this area. With them LedgerSMB could become one of those applications that get heralded as good examples of applications using Perl. Much the way Bugzilla and SpamAssassin are :)

Additionally, the structure of the program will change to a more
kernelized structure, with the core program doing only basic contact
management, AR, AP, GL, and basic financial reports.  Inventory
tracking, point of sale, project accounting etc. etc. will all be
moved into addons.  Each area will be looked a carefully in terms of
what works well and what does not.

2.0 will probably emerge gradually, with the core program being
available some time before it is feature-competitive with 1.3.
Consequently I'd suggest 1.3 will be supported for a long time to

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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