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Choosing which Ledger to use?

Hi All,
  I'm a full time Perl developer, looking to use a Perl based accounting package so I can jump into the code if I have issues. SQL Ledger and LedgerSMB seem to be the only options. I read some old posts in 2002 of people warning that ledger doesn't use strict, etc. I was quite surprised to see that this is still the case in 2011. I assume the developers are more accountants than Perl programmers?
  Which is the better platform now, SQL Ledger or LedgerSMB, I understand the fork was some time ago and they are supposed to now be quite different.

Whichever I choose I'll likely end up making contributions to the code in the form of patches, new functionality, guides or scripts to aid with updates/imports, etc. So whichever way I go, you'd probably want me on board :)