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Re: Choosing which Ledger to use?

I haven't been following SQL Ledger that much lately.

I personally use LedgerSMB because, well it seems like there is a
better community here, and that the development really cares about the
users, whether we are developers or just users.  I was getting a
number of warnings when using Perl 5.12 and that was fixed in a week,
it wasn't an issue that made the product fail, but it was a serious
issue in my mind with the unformatted warnings displaying.

SQL Ledger last I heard was pretty much a one developer operation, and
contributions were not very graciously accepted, which is why there
was the fork made.  I personally would probably only go back to SQL
Ledger if I found it had a feature that wasn't going to be developed
in LedgerSMB.  If you choose to join us here, we'd probably be very
happy all of us to see someone else willing to work with the code.

Jigme Datse Rasku