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Re: firefox doesn't know what to do with pl scripts

On Thursday 28 October 2010 20:23:40 Joseph wrote:
> I'm still running sql-ledger (waiting for ver. 1.3) but I have a problem
>  with running pl scripts after upgrade. login.pl script works  but all
>  other "pl" scripts are not executing; apache doesn't know what to do with
>  them. It tries to open them as a text file. Permission seems to be OK.

Today in perperation for a larger upgrade I upgraded to Perl 5.12 and www-
servers/apache-2.2.16 on my testing Gentoo setup and noticed that I was 
experiencing the same problem with Ledgersmb. I ran across this message in my 
search and thought I'd add what worked for me to this thread.
It turns out Gentoo dropped the cgi use flag from the default apache settings.

In Gentoo's /etc/make.conf adding cgi to the section APACHE2_MODULES then re 
emerging apache fixes the issue.
Checking for the presence of /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_cgi.so may indicate 
if this problem exists in other distributions.