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Re: firefox doesn't know what to do with pl scripts

Joseph you do not have a problem with firefox.
You have a problem on your web server.  Your apache is supposed to see
the .pl files and invoke perl for them.  This is handled in your
apache configuration, with something like:

          AddHandler cgi-script .pl
          Options ExecCGI Includes FollowSymlinks

which I see that you have.
If you don't have this, then apache just sees them as ordinary files.
This is all explained in the INSTALL guide, which I see that you've
tried to follow.

There are a number of reasons why Apache might not see/understand the
directives you have given it.  Checking the error log is a good place to
start, and making sure that you have in fact restarted apache, and that
it is in fact returning you files from the correct virtual host.

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