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setup for external line of credit

Previous to this past November my company had a line of credit account
at the same bank as it's bank account.  The LOC was a seperate account
that was part of my personal line of credit, and it moved to a new bank
when my mortgage moved.

Previously, it was a transfer between accounts, and I just invoked it
online, and was done.  Now, I need to write a checque. (North American
banking sucks...) 

Since I like to have my checques printed nicely, I'm wondering what the
best way to set this up.  Using the "Transfer" function under cash does
not give me a chance to print a checque.

I can not set Expense/Asset option as well as Payment for my LOC asset
account, so it won't fit into the Add Transaction.  What else can I do?

(The interest charges are easy: set up the bank as a payable against an
expense account for the interest)

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