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Re: problems with an invoice number

On Tue, 5 Oct 2010, Eamonn Hamilton wrote:

It would appear he was posting two invoices, both of which were emailed,
but after checking the second last invoice failed to go into the database.
This left him with invoices numbered


with 1297 missing. He then stepped back in his browser history to the post
screen for 1297, changed the invoice number to 1299 and posted

He probably should have left it at 1297.

Now, I have questions :
b) can the invoice number be changed to match the one previously mailed out?

To do it within the software, would require reposting it and either deleting or reversing the original (1299). The consequences of those depend on the type of invoice (I.E. whether it included parts in inventory). It may be easier to just send the client a corrected invoice (1299).

c) does anybody have any idea why such a thing would happen?

He forgot to click post?  That's the most obvious and likely answer.
Alternatively, maybe the web connection was lost at the moment it tried to post, although that should have resulted in a visible error, or the invoice remaining on screen.