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Re: problems with an invoice number

> Now, I have questions :
> a) has he broken anything by doing this?

Too the best of my knowledge, for whatever that is worth, no.  I am sure
someone will correct me if I am wrong.

> b) can the invoice number be changed to match the one previously mailed out?

You could open the invoice, change the invoice number, and post as new.
But I think that would make two invoices, 1297 and 1299, so you would
then have to undo 1299.  I would personally approach that by re-mailing
invoice 1299 instead.

> and, of course,
> c) does anybody have any idea why such a thing would happen?

If he emailed and invoice, but then didn't post it.  As far as I know,
emailing and printing cause the invoice number count to increase by one,
but the number is only really used if the invoice actually gets posted.

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