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POS internal error

Hi, posted this previously before I subscribed, I think I'm a member now
so hopefully this is OK to go on the message board,

I know this error has been mentioned in the forum, but I can't find
a solution for it.

I'm getting an internal server error when I update/Open Till or Print &
Post in the "Add POS Invoice" page

The error message in the log is 

[Wed May 12 17:46:35 2010] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: ps.pl, referer:

Its a new install and so far I can do everything else I've tried,
entering stock, printing Sales Invoices, all no problem

Any help would be appreciated



Ian Williamson 

Wharfedale Electrical Supplies, Ltd.
Unit 1, Ritson Yard,
Cross Green,
Otley, W Yorks.
LS21 1HE

t : 01943 466 900
f : 01943 466 939
m : 07863 103 602