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Re: POS internal error

Hi Ian,

I have not used the pos part of lsmb yet.

If you don't find a solution soon, email me and I will set up a test system with POS here and see if I can duplicate your problems.

In the meantime could you answer the following questions please.
What operating system and version:
What version of ledgersmb:
URL you downloaded ledgersmb from:

If you used a package manager to install ledgersmb note that instead of the URL

David Godfrey

Ian Williamson wrote:
Hi, posted this previously before I subscribed, I think I'm a member now
so hopefully this is OK to go on the message board,

I know this error has been mentioned in the forum, but I can't find
a solution for it.

I'm getting an internal server error when I update/Open Till or Print &
Post in the "Add POS Invoice" page

The error message in the log is
[Wed May 12 17:46:35 2010] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: ps.pl, referer:

Its a new install and so far I can do everything else I've tried,
entering stock, printing Sales Invoices, all no problem

Any help would be appreciated