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Re: Recurrent "session expired" notices

Each database has its own user in ledgersmb.  Shouldn't that be enough?


On 9 May 2010 05:54, ERACC Subscriptions <..hidden..> wrote:
> On Saturday 08 May 2010 Malcolm wrote:
>> I'm running ledgersmb 1.2.21 on Ubuntu 10.04.  I frequently need to
>> have two or more databases open in different tabs of my browser.
>> Until recently, this did not seem to cause a problem.  Now,
>>  however, whenever I switch from one tab to the other I get a
>>  "session expired" notice as soon as I try to do
>>  anything.  Re-entering the password gets me back in, but when I
>>  switch back to the other tab the same thing occurs.  This happens
>>  with Chrome, Firefox and Konqueror.
>> If I open the databases in different browsers I can switch between
>> them quite happily, which makes me think that a second session may
>>  be deleting or overwriting a cookie needed by the first session to
>>  remain active.
>> Is there a fix for this, apart from collecting as many browsers as
>>  one needs databases opened simultaneously!
> That is an interesting question. Personally, I would create separate
> users on my Linux system and open browsers under those users to do
> this. Here is the method I would use:
>  * Create a second, third, etcetera Linux user account(s).
>  * Login to my primary user account on the Linux system.
>  * Open Firefox and login to LedgerSMB as a user for a database I
>   designate(!) to be for my primary Linux user.
>   (! Mentally designate that is.)
>  * Open a terminal window such as xterm.
>  * Use "su - user2name" to login to my second user account. Where
>   "user2name" would be replaced with the actual login name for that
>   user.
>  * Start Firefox in the xterm window for that user and login to the
>   LedgerSMB user and database I have mentally assigned to that user.
>  * Repeat as needed for additional users and databases.
> This will keep the sessions separate even should they all use a
> similar cookie. This is accomplished because each user on the system
> has his own directory. Note that I do not use Ubuntu and am presuming
> this works on Ubuntu. Since the 'buntu folk do stuff rather odd by
> avoiding su in favor of sudo one may need to figure out how to do this
> using sudo.
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