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Re: Importing Quickbooks IIF files into LedgerSMB

William McKee wrote:
I am not familiar with IIF format. Is it csv,xml etc? sql-ledger already allows you to import invoices/payments and with minor code changes you can import invoices and mark them paid.
Hi Armaghan,

It's the Intuit Interchange Format[1,2]. There's a Perl module that can parse these files[3]. Can you point me to documentation on how to import invoices/payments with SL?
(1) Invoices/receipts import feature is in standard sql-ledger. Rest of the import functions have been added by me. Here is the documentation with sample data files:
  > http://ledger123.com/docs/doku.php?id=data_import

Just export data in CSV format, make column adjustment according to sample CSV files and import. If you find any issues with csv import for your requirements, let me know (preferably on sql-ledger list) and I shall make the adjustments accordingly.

I had a look at IIF Perl module. I can write direct invoices import from IIF format but this work will require some fee. Contact me off list if you are interested. New module will be open source and available via github.com/ledger123.