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Re: Importing Quickbooks IIF files into LedgerSMB


I use QB and have your same interest.  You can use QB to create CSV  files, which I have done several times.  You may have to do this in several steps, depending on what you want to export to LedgerSMB.  

1.  Find a QB report that contains the data you want to export.
2.  When the report is open, you will see that there is an EXCEL button in the report's top bar.  Press that button and choose "Save to a new excel file" when the window that opens gives you a choice.
3.  In the excel spreadsheet you created by step 2 find "save as" and click that.
4.  In the window that opens, (a) give the file a unique name, and (b) in the file type bar click on the down arrow and scroll to the CSV option and select that; finally press the Save button.  You now have the data in a CSV file that you can verify by opening in a text editor.

Note: I have not tried to import CSV into LedgerSMB and want to know whether that is possible.  You seem to suggest that data importing is not currently available.  Is that correct?

If importing data from an existing system is possible, where do we find out about how that works?

Tom Bullock

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Hey folks,

I was surprised not to find an existing discussion about importing 
Quickbooks files into LedgerSMB. I'm not interested in migrating to 
LedgerSMB (my primary business is currently run in SQL-Ledger). What I'm 
interested in doing is taking my e-commerce and PayPal transactions and 
automating the process of entering new sales. Currently both of these 
services provide Quickbooks exports.

I understand that v1.3 will support some type of auto-import feature. Is 
there any documentation around this capability? Has anyone written code 
to convert the IIF format to a CSV format suitable for importing by 
LedgerSMB? Thanks for your feedback.


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