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Re: Importing Quickbooks IIF files into LedgerSMB

William McKee wrote:
I was surprised not to find an existing discussion about importing Quickbooks files into LedgerSMB. I'm not interested in migrating to LedgerSMB (my primary business is currently run in SQL-Ledger). What I'm interested in doing is taking my e-commerce and PayPal transactions and automating the process of entering new sales. Currently both of these services provide Quickbooks exports.

I understand that v1.3 will support some type of auto-import feature. Is there any documentation around this capability? Has anyone written code to convert the IIF format to a CSV format suitable for importing by LedgerSMB? Thanks for your feedback.

I am not familiar with IIF format. Is it csv,xml etc? sql-ledger already allows you to import invoices/payments and with minor code changes you can import invoices and mark them paid.