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Re: importing daily data to LedgerSMB

2010/3/8 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:

> I assume your sales and stock solution handles inventory valuation,
> sales, VAT, COGS, etc, right?

Yes, i need just GL functionality and analysis/reporting tools for
accountant, so i can get every month overview of some departments (i
think, income statement is right termin). I will not use it's
inventory and stock functionality.

> Do you plan to use LSMB for any internal business usage that involves
> customers and vendors?

For vendors i have need, because i need keep eye on payments and for
that is LedgerSMB very good. So first i need import all my vendors
(about 800, about 200 active last year)  and then keep them syncro

For customers i don't have plan to use LSMB, i still have need to
import sales invoices and enter POS-s daily sums (both with different
VATs), but they may be as journal entries, not detailed items on them.

I thought, i create some dummy items like "goods with VAT 9%" and so
on. On importing invoices (both purchase and sales) i could use them.
So i can put them on the right accounts and also got taxes handled
properly. Without needing to convert all my items database to LSMB.

I hope you got some picture about my needs. Thank you!

KÃike hÃÃd,