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importing daily data to LedgerSMB


My next task on domesticating LedgerSMB is realize how is best to
import some daily data to Ledger?

Background: i have my own stock and sales solution, which is specially
designed for our needs. We need to import all sale and purchase
invoices to LedgerSMB for accountant.  We have no plan to use the
stock-area in LedgerSMB, for invoices i plan make parts like "part
with vat 9%" and "part with vat 20%", not keeping all the items in
LSMB database too.

Is there possible to do such task with importing some CSV tables or is
there better to use API scripting? Is there some examples?

I'll appreciate if you can share your experience on this topic.

KÃike hÃÃd,