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Re: Vendor & Client name defaults for new Documents; Would you like them?

On Thu, 21 Jan 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

> Could people please offer their thoughts on the following
> The current behavior when opening a new Invoice, Order or Transaction
> is to automatically select the last used Vendor or Client.
> I have just found a number of Invoices , all on the Vendor side,
> that have been entered against the wrong Vendor, presumably the last 
> vendor used.
> Does anyone think that it would be useful to have a System>Defaults 
> option to change this behavior.
> Probably to one of....
>   Last Used
>   A Specific Vendor

The first and last option would not solve the problem you reported.  If 
they are going to post without checking the transactee, then they'll do it 
regardless.  I can not think of a case wherein I would rather that 
transactions go against a vendor if they are in error, unless it is a fake 
"check later" type of vendor.

The middle option, which would forse a manual selection, would be the most 
useful alternative to last-used, I would think.

 > And would one default for AR and one for AP be enough,
> or would we need a separate default for each Document Type?

I would think that one for each would be enough.  However, making this 
adjustable at the user level would be more useful.  The default can 
specify the system default, but it should be alterable in users.

Just my 0.02.  Personally I've never had a problem with consistant 
incorrect transactee selection by a user, but I can see how it is 
something that might need a solution.

I've had a bigger problem with the lack of an ability to add a customer or 
vendor from the document forms.  You can add an invoice from the contact 
forms, so why not a contact from the invoice forms?