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diffs for Using Vendor Part Numbers and UPC's in Vendor Invoice and Purchase Order Screens

I am sure that some of you will be interested in this one.
Please test and let me know how it works for you.

This collection of diffs adds a "PartNumber Entry Type" List Box to the following screens.
AP>Vendor Invoice
Order Entry>Purchase Order
It allows you to choose what type of Part Number to search for when you enter something in the Number Field.
The options are
Company and Vendor
UPC and Vendor
All  (Company and UPC and Vendor)

This also means that you can print a "Purchase Order" with Vendor Part Numbers on it.

UPC searches the partsvendor matrix (in the "Edit Part" screen) for a match where
Vendor='UPC' and Number='the upc number'
eg. Vendor='UPC' and Number='9314365033483'

This means to use UPC search,
you need to have a vendor entry of 'UPC' with the UPC stored in the vendor partnumber field
for each part with a UPC.

Currently you also need to set the price to a non zero amount. eg $1
I will look at fixing this later.

The code will work with multiple UPC's for a single part.

If a blank Number is returned, but there is a description and sku, then there is no vendor part number for that part.
If you get the "part not found" screen the part may be in the system, but there may not be a vendor part number present for it.
In this case try searching using another method, such as description.

David Godfrey

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