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Re: upgrades and database integrity.


On Sun, 10 Jan 2010, Stroller wrote:

> You need to go to "Cash" in the menu on the left hand side of the  
> screen, then select "Receipt" in the sub-menu.

Of course I agree that this is what he should be doing, but I have a 
different approach to yours, and I am uncertain why you do it as you 

> You will now see a list of unpaid invoices pertaining to that customer.
> Set the date field as the date you received the payment.
> I think source & memo are optional. I use source for "cash" /  
> "cheque" / "bank transfer" and memo for the cheque number (if  
> applicable) but I'm not sure if this is the right way round. I don't  
> think it matters.

I'm sure it doesn't.  In keeping with the general bank procedures in the 
U.S., however, I copy the memo line of the check into "memo" or make up my 
own for cash and other things; and put something like "ck 11472" or 
"transfer" or "cash" in source.
Again, though, that's more an internal matter than anything I believe.

> Enter the amount in BOTH amount fields, and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, DO  
> NOT SKIP THIS STEP, tick the select box, between the "amount due" and  
> the "amount" fields of the table line items.
> I advise you NOT to click "update" at this stage, but instead:
> Click post.

Here is where our methods differ: if you  only check the box(es), and then 
select "update", the program should fill in the proper amounts.

You may then update further to your heart's content, and finally select 

Only if you are paying fractional invoices, should you need to do anything 
with the amount fields.