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Re: some descriptions for translations

On 5 Nov 2009, at 20:13, Richard wrote:
PO Number
Purchase Order Number  ?

In case this isn't obvious to Janeks:

When you're selling to a company and planning to invoice after delivery, it is often required to have a written statement of the purchase. This ensures that the employee has authority to make the purchase on behalf of the company, and prevents disputes where the company says they don't want to pay for something you've sold them.

The written authorisation for the purchase is called a "purchase order", and in any big company they'll have a standard form which is headed by the company name, address and (usually) logo. The purchase order form states the employee's name, a description of what is to be purchased from the supplier, and which might be counter-signed by the boss; each purchase order will typically have a unique number. If the supplier has a copy of this form the company cannot in court wriggle out of paying by saying "but we didn't order that".