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Re: Templates For Departments?

On Mon, 26 Oct 2009, Stroller wrote:

> On 26 Oct 2009, at 09:04, Luke wrote:
> > I need to modify the HTML and Tex templates, for a particular  
> > department only.... Has anyone done this, or is there a prescribed  
> > way short of setting up a separate user for the department in  
> > question?
> Uh, you modify the HTML and Tex templates for ALL the users of that  
> department.
> What do you mean "a separate user for the department in question"?
> Obviously each person using the system has a separate user name and  
> password. You wouldn't have a single user for a whole department, as  
> this would be poor security.

You might, if you're running a small company, and using 
departments to segregate significantly different business operations 
within that company.

For the moment, the same person handles all invoicing, whether it is for 
the main company, or the department that is being used to separate a 
particular line of business from the rest.  That may not always be, of 

I could have used a project for this, which in fact is what I have always 
done in the past, but this is the first time I have needed to introduce 
the capability of separate templates, budgets, and so on, and it just 
seemed to make sense to use a department.

I have never used departments at any point in the past several years of 
LedgerSMB and SL, and as such was momentarily being narrow minded and not 
thinking this through, thinking there might be a department level solution 
here, when of course templates are only available via users.:)

That's what I get  for working that late.