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Language support and more.


I wonder if ledgersmb supports other languages than English (in my case
Norwegian)?  SQL-ledger seems to do so and I suppose ledgersmb does also?

I also wonder if ledgersmb supports MySQL?  The need to switch to
PostgreSQL is a slight obstacle for using sql-ledger (not that I have
anything against PostgreSQL, but since I'm already using MySQL I am
somewhat reluctant to also running a second DB).

And lastly:  I understand that the fork from sql-ledger is not that
recent?  How feature-rich / mature is ledgersql comparet to its
originator (If I may ask :-))?

Vennlig hilsen / Best regards      |\     ___,,--,        _
Arne Hanssen, Senja, Norway        /,`--''        \-,,__,'/
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