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Re: LedgerSMB Readiness

I can't answer those questions except to speak from my own

LedgerSMB is a fork of SQL-Ledger.  I have been using one
or the other for an organization I work with and for my own
businesses since about 2002, or so.

The trials I went through in the early days mostly related
to learning to administer postgresql and a cgi application.
I faced trials related to learning to use a bookkeeping
application.  In my first couple of days using it I was
frustrated until I learned that most transactions need to be
'UPDATE'd before being 'POST'ed.

The demands of my business only touch a fraction of the
feature set provided by SQL-Ledger / Ledger-SMB.  I have not
comprehensively tested its feature set.

The security vulnerabilities of SQL-Ledger were well documented
at the time of the fork and as I understand it, and were
addressed in the early days of the fork.

The development team for Ledger-SMB includes folks associated
with the postgresql project and I trust they are working
steadily to close the holes and to address the known bugs.

postgresql is a mature and rock solid database engine and I
use it for all of my original development projects these days.

I'm not sure what risks you face migrating from Peachtree,
except perhaps leaving a known platform for an unknown one.

I would recommend that you install it now, before the close of
the accounting cycle.  Continue to use your legacy system for
the balance of this fiscal year (till Dec 31st, or June 30th,
perhaps), while also plugging in those transactions to learn
the new system.

Make your switch with the new fiscal reporting cycle.

I suspect you will find that it looks and performs much like
any double-entry accounting package.  Behind perhaps unfamiliar
menu listings you will find very familiar functionality.

-- Hugh Esco


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What is the longest successful deployment of LedgerSMB? What
trial and tribulations did you go through?

Is it worth the risk migrating to LedgerSMB from Peachtree?

Why isn't LedgerSMB right for my company?

What are the major bugs keeping me from deploying LedgerSMB?

What other software would you put up against LedgerSMB for