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Re: Panic really setting in now!

On Sat, 2009-10-17 at 09:18 -0400, Luke wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Oct 2009, beamends wrote:
> > If it comes to that, the new owners (I sold out a while back) will want
> > to buy Sage and go back to windows! After 3 out of 4 Ubuntu upgrades
> > ending in disaster it's difficult to argue against that.......
> But why are they?  That is not usual.  One of the major things going for 
> Ubuntu is that that doesn't happen, at least not often.
> Sorry, but you're doing something to prompt this behavior.
> Until we figure out what, it's going to keep going bad.
> Luke

That's the trouble - the only software that hasn't come with Ubuntu that
I'm using is LSMB - everything else is vanilla Ubuntu. Of the four
upgrades I've done, 3 have left me stuck at a command prompt. Now that
may be because of something that went wrong way back, but it's no use
saying that - if I buy the latest version of a car I don't expect to
have to faff about for three days to start it!

As it turns out, I've found other complaints about Perl 5.10.0 causing
with Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04 - but the only fix I could find, installing
Perl 5.8.8, doesn't work - if I were a hobbyist I might have a few days
to sort that out, but time is going by.......

The lack of the ability to re-install the OS without losing data is a
serious issue - when/if this current problem gets sorted out I'm going
to have to have an additional fully set up machine ready before risking
any updates - I feel no need to do that with my Windows PC.

Sorry if that sounds a bit ungrateful towards the unpaid stalwarts of
Open Source, but if I were Joe Bloggs Shop Ltd I'd have given up after
the first debacle - no doubt with the Sage Rep saying "told you so".

Anyway, I've scrounged an old machine this morning and installing Ubuntu
8.04 on it and leaving well alone until 2011 when it "expires"!  


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