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Re: Locking Last Cost

On Tue, 29 Sep 2009, Joseph wrote:

> These numbers are a bit confusing :-) 
> My current version SQL-Ledger is 2.6.27 but when I save a backup it saves file as 2.6.12; so I should start loading the changes from 2.6.12 ?
> psql -U user my database < Pg-upgrade-2.6.12-2.6.17.sql
> etc.
> So the last two files are:
> Pg-upgrade-2.6.17-2.6.18.sql
> Pg-upgrade-2.6.18-2.6.19.sql
> What database version is LedgerSMB using?
> When I try to save it to a file it is showing 1.2.0

I will not answer all your questions, as I have never tried what you are 
trying, but I can tell you this much.

We are not talking about database versions, but software versions.

1.2.0 is the current LedgerSMB version into which you are converting.
All of the 2.6.X versions are SQL-Ledger version numbers from which you 
are converting.

The two pieces of software should be thought of as independent (well, they 
are, although much code and interface is similar), and you should not 
think of the SQL-Ledger version in the same train of logic as the 
LedgerSMB version.

What you are doing here, is performing a series of step by step upgrades 
between different versions of the SQL-Ledger software (2.6.X-2.6.Y), 
without having to actually install all of those different software 
versions--you are only upgrading the backend database as it would have 
been used in those versions.

Once you reach a particular SQL-Ledger level, at which the database is 
compatible with LedgerSMB, you are then *converting* from SQL-Ledger 
2.6.19, to LedgerSMB.

Hopefully you are helped a little by this explanation--maybe Chris or 
someone can answer the rest.