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Re: Compilation failed in require at admin.pl line 85

On 09/24/09 16:46, Dan Burwinkel wrote:
Hi Joseph,

I just finished the process of moving from SQL-Ledger 2.4.something to
a new machine with LedgerSMB 1.2.4 and had the same errors. It was a
Postgresql change that fixed it for me. I run Ubuntu 9.04 and
LedgerSMB simply would not run the database upgrades reliably with
Postgresql 8.3. I hammered my head against the virtual wall for 3 days
and then decided to try postgresql-8.2. If you too are running Ubuntu,
I can send the deb files via email.

If I recall correctly, you don't want to go above SQL-Ledger version
2.6 if you want to safely migrate to a 1.2 series LedgerSMB...

OK, I'm on SQL-Ledger ver. 2.4 but I can can not figure it out how to enable Packing slip in Invoice pull down menu, it should be right under "Invoice" ability to print packing slip.

Any ideas?