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Compilation failed in require at admin.pl line 85

I'm planning on switching to LedgerSMB but to do that I have to first update my database from an older SQL-Ledger ver. 2.2.7
I think in order to port my database I have to have at least version 2.4.
So I have upgraded to current sql-ledger 2.8-something but when I go to admin.pl
-Update Dataset (three Dataset showing)
and lick "continue" on the next screen, Apache gives me warning can not connect.

From Apache error log:

Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/sql-ledger/admin.pl line 85., referer: http://localhost/sql-ledger/admin.pl
Premature end of script headers: admin.pl, referer: http://localhost/sql-ledger/admin.pl

Older version was working OK, so I don't suspect any Apache problem.
Any input will appreciated.