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Can Not Save Preferences


I have just done a new installation of 1.2.18.

I used the .deb file available on sourceforge, and added databases for 
companies via the psql client, as directed by the README.

I then added a dataset under admin, which didn't actually add one, but 
apparently populated the extant database I had created for the company.

So I created a user.  Fixed the permissions problem which prevented 
template creation, then deleted and recreated that user.
The user uses the ledgersmb admin user to access the database.

Now, upon loging in successfully, I find that my user's preferences are 
not editable.


   Cannot save preferences!

The apache2 log shows the post attempt to am.pl, but shows no errors.

The entire ledgersmb tree is owned by www-data:www-data.

I had this same error using 1.2.13.

Any suggestions?