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Re: AR Transaction and TAX

    >> In AR Transaction form you have only available empty tax
    >> field. No calculations is done.  It is the same for me. In AR
    >> Transaction I am writing in the tax amount whatever I need.  But
    >> probably I am wrong and it should be as you are writing. Than I
    >> need to fix something in my setup, that I don't know.  ;-)

  I've been meaning to ask the same thing. SQL ledger did.
    >> In AR Invoice the Tax is calculated and is outside input fields
    >> you can see it and check it after clicking on Update button.
    >> brgds Janeks

>>>>> "beamends" == beamends  <..hidden..> writes:
    beamends> Being able to use an AR transaction is handy for a
    beamends> miscellaneous sale that does not have VAT/Tax (e.g. books)
    beamends> so I find it's current form useful.

  I agree, that's why we have the checkbox, and the tax-included button.
I find it most useful for the tax-included calculation.  

  I'd be happy if it was calculated (in javascript?) and filled in the
first time that the amount value was calculated, but never updated
again.  There could be another button "Update and Recalculate" for when
you edit an old AR/AP and are going to Post-As-New.

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