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Re: AR Transaction and TAX

In AR Transaction form you have only available empty tax field. No calculations is done. It is the same for me. In AR Transaction I am writing in the tax amount whatever I need. But probably I am wrong and it should be as you are writing. Than I need to fix something in my setup, that I don't know.

In AR Invoice the Tax is calculated and is outside input fields you can see it and check it after clicking on Update button.


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Authors and more expierenced users can correct me if I am wrong, but AR Transcations does not calculate the tax. That is available in forms of invoices.

I used AR Transactions only, when I had some specific invoices, f.ex. from abroad (where taxes was different) or when in some cases rounding on received invoices was different on tax, than SqledgerSMB does.

AR Transaction does calculate the VAT for you. It does in SQL Ledger.
We're busy switching and need to setup opening balances.

I seem unable to resolve this.

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