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Re: payments from email

Our current payment system is pretty specific to our web site, and our
online payment gateway. I am planning to get some of this code out as an
open source project, but I'll certainly look at posting the code that
pulls up the summary of a client's open invoices out of Ledger and
passes them on to the online gateway...


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Subject: Re: [Ledger-smb-users] payments from email
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Date: Sun 30 Aug 2009 06:28:56 PM PDT
> Good comments and points John. Perhaps if you have time you could look
> into how to get that URI working with Perl and Ledgersmb? Once we are done
> making a Customer Statement module I may look into that as well. I just
> wanted something quick and easy to process credit cards without our
> customers having to join Paypal. This has fast become a service and repair
> construction business that deals with customers paying for unexpected
> repairs than a new construction business that gets large lump checks from
> builders.
> It seemed so silly that our online accounting application that emails all
> out invoices still requires a customer to print the invoice, write a
> check, use a stamp and mail a payment (in there own envelope). We have
> gotten quite a few feed back comments on that but by far not as many as
> the endless complaints about the statement.
> Plus there are too many opportunities for excuses with mail in payments
> like "oh I was out of stamps and then I forgot", "missed the postman on
> Friday I'll get it out next week", or "My printer is out of ink can you
> send me a copy".
> Cheers Turtle
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