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payments from email

> We process many on-line orders and phone orders every day using LSMB.
For on-line orders we use a free site that securely handles gathering
card details (so we never have to keep them locally). This service can
link directly to a number of card processors. It's dead simple to
integrate this in to your web site (e-mail me at
> ..hidden.. with a meaningful subject for the
> address).

The online order thing sounds like the same function as Paypal to me.
Being a contractor we do not get phone payments so I imagine if you need
this and Paypal apparently does not offer it outside the USA then Paypal
would not be the way to go.
A modification I can see being useful is LSMB receiving the payment on the
invoices paid from Paypal. Paypal can do this the only reason I am using
Paypal is I am not aware of anything else that has no monthly minimum,
supports integration, costs less, and is easy. I am especially annoyed by
sites that do not clearly post there rates or fees and have monthly
minimums. We can go months without processing a single credit card so I am
not aware of any better pay as you go service.
Paypals fees from the site:
    *  No monthly fees to maintain a PayPal account.
    * No setup fees.
    * No gateway fees.
    * No fees for multiple eBay and merchant tools.

Does not apply to Website Payments Pro or Virtual Terminal.

Paypal fees to receive payments for purchases of goods and services vary
depending on monthly sales volume.
Purchase payments received (monthly) 	Fee per transaction
$0.00 USD - $3,000.00 USD 	2.9% + $0.30 USD
$3,000.01 USD - $10,000.00 USD 	2.5% + $0.30 USD
and so on.
Virtual Terminal is $30 per month on top.
I just did a few google searches it seems like most others are between
2-3% + monthly fee, cart fee, report fee and other hidden fees.
Monthly fees are $10-20.

We received a whopping 9 Paypal/creditcard payments in the past 12 months
total of $5831. (BTW paypal does not charge for statements)
The fees we paid in total were: $230.84 5831/230.84  3.96%
An alternative would be to pay the $20 per month go with a different
company. ($20/month X 12 = $240) + (9 transactions @ .25 = 2.25) + (total
transactions times 2.25% 5831 X = 145.775) = total yearly cost of $388 or
6+% if we could get the $10 per month the total would be $268 or 4.5%.
Most of the other systems seem to offer worse service and have hi pressure
sales gimmicks.

I am open and interested in any alternatives and helping LSMB users
integrate it. I would encourage folks to run the numbers and show us the
math though.