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Re: 2 persistant bugs; Seeking ideas where to look.

On 18 May 2009, at 21:41, Chris Travers wrote:
On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 12:41 PM, Schmiechen <..hidden.. > wrote:
My page break section looks like this:

% the numbers are: chars per line (in description field)
% Lines on first page
% Lines on other pages
% The numbers were 65 27 37
% I need to see if the wrapping (first number) or the pagebreaks (last
numbers) are bad
%<?lsmb pagebreak 70 15 15 ?>
%<?lsmb pagebreak 70 30 45 ?>
<?lsmb pagebreak 65 27 37 ?>

Our descriptions vary greatly in legnth and can be several lines.
I dont seem to be able to get anything out of adjusting the chars per line.

I don't have a single instance of <?lsmb pagebreak > in my invoice.tex, which works perfectly with multipage invoices & multiline itemnotes.

It may be that this happens when something inside a line goes over the
page boundary.  THe chars per line are generally automatically
managed, though you could handle this perhaps in LaTeX itself by using
boxes inside your tabularx environments.

Hi Chris,

I think that tabularx is a poor way to lay out a table, and that longtable is better and "more correct".

I am happy to do some homework on this and better justify this statement if you wish, but perhaps longtable should be considered for the default templates for future releases?

As I recall longtable will handle it better if you have longer lines inside a table. It will fit them correctly to the width of the cell.

I think when you say "something inside a line goes over the page boundary" you're basically talking about multiline table "cells". I think that longtable also handles this correctly in a way that tabularx does not.

I think that longtable is a basically a much improved table environment and that in some cases "longtable is the way tabularx should have been done in the first place". I think that tabularx should only be used for compatibility.

I think that use of tabularx dates back to SQL-Ledger. Is it possible that these "<?lsmb pagebreak 65 27 37 ?>" type declarations are a "kludge" dating back to then? Perhaps when SQL-Ledger was originally written, longtable did not exist? Certainly, I don't use them, I use longtable instead, and my multipage invoices (with long itemnotes) work fine.

A copy of my invoice.tex working using longtable is in the archive: