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Re: Changing the default currency

Maanus Kask wrote:

On Sat, 25 Apr 2009 09:51:49 +0300
John Bell <..hidden..> wrote:

b) Start off in EEK and switch when the national currency changes

I am doing my books in EEK. Anyway all tax reports are to be done in
EEK also. At switching to Euro I will close books and start with new
database with EUR. So I will enter only starting balance to the books
with EUR. I do hope it will happen at some year change not in the middle
of the year.

Or is there any better ideas?
I wouldn't want to blank the database and start afresh with the Euro as this would destroy all my stock pricing and purchase histories etc.

Book keeping in EUR and reporting in EEK isn't a problem unless the currency is devalued. I may start LSMB in EUR to manage my stock records and keep the financial reporting on the existing system until the switchover.